Friday, February 6, 2009

Being Sick and the Screwy Internet

Sorry for the delay in posting. The title of this posting says it all.

This Friday, I want to congratulate B for getting his degree in Biology. I am really proud of him. Once I give you some of his background, I know if you were married to him, you would be proud too!

B went to college in Maine a long time ago. He stopped his college plans to enlist in the Army during the first Gulf war. He served his time and thought that he would go back to college when he returned state-side. However, life threw some curves. He did not get much support for this with either of his exes. When we got together, he finished his AA through Maine. Then he made the bold leap to go to Hood College. They have an excellent Science Department. (Plus, work was willing to contribute for something in our field.)

This was a bit more involved than it sounds. More than a decade had past from that first college experience. Now, B had kids, rent, vehicle payments, and a full-time job. Trying to go to school and have a full-time job is not easy, as most people who have experienced it will tell you. The process wears on you physically. It eats your time - from enjoyable activities for yourself to spending time with loved ones. It also takes a toll on you mentally. You begin to question yourself. Why am I doing this to myself? I'm old enough to be my lab partner's father! Can I do this?

Now as I mentioned, B got his degree in Biology. Umm, Biology was not his first choice. Like I mentioned before, work was willing to help with the costs. So, he went for the degree in Biology. (Side note: He has learned a lot that has helped with our jobs.) Although his class load said he was only going part-time, those labs made him feel like he was going full-time. He pressed through. Now he possesses a degree that was awarded last month. He still cannot believe that he is done with his Bachelors.

So, if you are reading this, please let B know that you are proud of him too!

Failing to plan IS planning to fail.