Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Taking Care of the House

This blog has several purposes (for me).

1. I want to encourage others to take control of their financial futures.
2. I want to give/share tips about basic home economics.
3. I want to keep friends and family up-to-date in my life.

I feel pretty confident that this can be accomplished.

I'm still playing around with the dates to send out what. Please bear with me as I find the best way. Also, if you really have the desire, share your ideas. Right now, Mondays are the Money Tip (going through the emotional money journey). Tuesdays are the Money Task (a physical action to help you on the journey). Fridays are for family updates (stick around, summer gets really interesting with our group). Ummm. I'm still winging the rest.

Something that I have shared with family and co-workers is the idea that high schools need to make a mandatory home economics course. Before everyone gets visions of souffles in their heads, it's not what you think. I'm talking about teaching basic finances, basic car maintenance, basic home maintenance, and personal health. Today's high school children are having problems with balancing their checkbooks and understanding that NOT paying off the credit card IS a problem. Oh let's be honest here, it does not just apply to high school children. How many people understand the basics of their car? Sometimes, the best place to start is admitting that you do not know how to do something.

I will start. Cleaning is not something that comes naturally in my original family. We cleaned because my family moved (my dad is retire Air Force). I completed Army basic training, but it's not like we were told how to clean and keep it on this task(to quote one of the Drill Sergeants, "You are girls, so I don't have to show you how to clean." Boy, did he get a big surprise at the first inspection.) Cleaning wasn't something that worried my ex. His idea was to hire a housekeeper.

Money was something that my Papa discussed with me, but really didn't take root. I have learned a lot over the years. I'll blog more about this on Mondays.

Basic home maintenance was not an issue because we were always moving. I learned a little with the townhouse. Well, it is safe to say that B and I are still learning. I am better than B about car maintenance - thanks to my Uncle Lester and the first red car.

So on Wednesdays, I will be giving out tips, advice, lessons learned about Basic Home Econ. If it seems to simple for you, I am glad. It means someone cared enough to teach you that lesson.

Failing to plan IS planning to Fail.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday's Task

Today's money task is to track all accounts. Do you know how many credit cards you have? Where do you have your savings/checking accounts? What about retirement accounts such as Thrifts, 401K, IRAs, etc.?

After gathering all of the information, put in on one sheet. You can do this on the computer or write it on a sheet of paper. Do not get too "nerdish". This is the first draft! On this sheet, put the type of account, where it is located, address, phone number, account number, and other related information. Put this sheet in a safe location (You don't want the kiddies charging up the credit cards!).

Remember, this is a journey. To start the journey, you need to know where you are and what tools you have.

Failing to Plan IS Planning to Fail.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday's Money Tip - 26 JAN 2009

On Mondays, I plan on posting a money tip. Just to make things easy, I'm going to call it, "Monday's Money Tip". Some days it might be one tip - Other days there will be a few. I'll see how it goes.

Today's tip is one that experience has taught me. Getting out of debt is a mindset.

Yes. I am saying, that for most people, getting out of debt is a mental thing. I have heard said, "God is more interested in your journey than the destination." To me, this means that once my Salvation has been secured, God wants to know how I plan on living my life. Money is a bit the same.

Many people, if given enough money right now to cover their debts, would be in debt again in six months to a year. I know we've paid off some credit cards and turned right around and ran up the balance again. This happenned because we did not have the correct mindset at that time.

Most financial gurus recall their turning point in their money matters. It became an emotional issue that they were able to win. I don't have an exact moment. (Although, I have some recent experiences that tell me that we're going the right way.) Money has always been emotional in my families.

Take Home Points: 1. Getting out of debt is a journey.
2. Money is emotional.

Failing to Plan IS Planning to Fail.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Starting Anew

It's finally time. I believe that my younger siblings are much more advanced in the cyber world. However, I'm the one that does not live close (like an hour or so) to them or my extended family. I plan on writing about my family life here in lovely West Virginia and give some advice that I have received through life and education experience.

That's enough for today.

Failing to Plan IS Planning to Fail