Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday's Money Tip - 26 JAN 2009

On Mondays, I plan on posting a money tip. Just to make things easy, I'm going to call it, "Monday's Money Tip". Some days it might be one tip - Other days there will be a few. I'll see how it goes.

Today's tip is one that experience has taught me. Getting out of debt is a mindset.

Yes. I am saying, that for most people, getting out of debt is a mental thing. I have heard said, "God is more interested in your journey than the destination." To me, this means that once my Salvation has been secured, God wants to know how I plan on living my life. Money is a bit the same.

Many people, if given enough money right now to cover their debts, would be in debt again in six months to a year. I know we've paid off some credit cards and turned right around and ran up the balance again. This happenned because we did not have the correct mindset at that time.

Most financial gurus recall their turning point in their money matters. It became an emotional issue that they were able to win. I don't have an exact moment. (Although, I have some recent experiences that tell me that we're going the right way.) Money has always been emotional in my families.

Take Home Points: 1. Getting out of debt is a journey.
2. Money is emotional.

Failing to Plan IS Planning to Fail.

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